Benefit of conducting JEE Mains for 4-times

The National Testing Agency will conduct JEE Main in computer-based mode four times a year (March, April, May and June). Candidates can take the JEE Main exam once, twice, three times, or four times. If the test is given numerous times, the best score from each session will be used to create merit list. The benefit of conducting JEE Mains for 4-times a year is to assist students in the event. That one bad day, for whatever reason, does not jeopard their prospects of getting into a good engineering college.

Advantages of conducting JEE Mains for 4-times

The nicest part about holding JEE Mains in four sessions is that, if a student does not perform well for any reason, he or she will not lose a year because they will have four chances to do so.
Students will have first-hand experience taking the JEE Mains test in their first attempt. And will learn from their mistakes, which they can improve upon when attempting the exam again.
Candidates can choose the best time to take the exam based on their degree of preparation. They can take the JEE Main exam as many times as they want to enhance their grades. Candidates will feel less stressed when taking the exam since they will know that it is not the end.
If someone misses the exam due to circumstances beyond their control, they will not have to wait a full year.

What Should JEE Aspirants Do to Prepare for the JEE Main 4 Sessions?

For JEE Mains 4 sessions, JEE applicants can use the method outlined below.

Use the March exam as a practice run to see how well you’ve prepared and how you’ll perform on the big day. Consider it to be a full-fledged practice test. Even if you don’t have enough complete paper tests or revisions, it’s good taking the exam in March to get a sense of the difficulty level.
After the March exam, keep working on your preparedness. If your score is low, you must work hard to improve, study, and prepare for the April exam.
In May and June, use the same method for the JEE Mains exam. Skip the JEE Main session if necessary, which is close to your Board exams.

It’s best to take JEE Mains four times in order to increase your score and get a sense of the test pressure we experience during the exam. With each JEE Main paper you take, you’ll feel more at ease.

Best of Four Attempts:

For determining AIR, NTA will use the best (not average) score from each of the four JEE Main attempts. If a candidate takes JEE Main three times, the best of the three scores will be used to rank them. The same is the case for two attempts.

If you’re wondering about the benefit of conducting JEE Mains for 4-times a year, consider the following:

Your first attempt will provide you with your first real examination experience and you will learn about your weak areas, which you can improve in the next session.

This will reduce your chances of dropping a year because if you are not satisfied with your performance in the first session, you will have the opportunity to improve in the other sessions because you will have the opportunity to attempt all four sessions.

If someone misses the examination for whatever reason, such as illness or a Board exam on the same day as the jee mains, he or she will not have to wait a year.

In other words, holding four sessions of jee mains will provide applicants many chances to improve their scores if they are unable to give their best shot in one attempt.

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