Important concepts for JEE Advance 2022

It is important to realize, that the exam conducting organization has issued the official JEE Advanced exam curriculum. In detail, the JEE Advanced 2022 syllabus contains physics, mathematics, and chemistry subjects from grades 11 and 12.  So, it is important to be familiar with these courses in order to cover the JEE Advanced syllabus. All things considered, the whole JEE Advanced important concepts are available here, along with a subject-by-subject allocation of topics for all three disciplines.

Important Concepts

Although the exam authorities never emphasizes vital concepts, it is the students’ responsibility to search for prior year papers to determine the weightage of the JEE Advanced syllabus. Both Paper 1 and Paper 2 of the JEE Advanced exam contain questions from physics, chemistry, and mathematics. In the long run, questions are evenly distributed throughout the paper, and students are encouraged to complete the entire JEE Advanced syllabus. However, more information on the weightage of the JEE Advanced syllabus is found here. You can also find the recommended books, preparation strategies, the application process, registration fee and previous year papers here.

Following are the subject wise important concepts for JEE Advance 2022 :


Not to mention ,mathematics is a scoring subject yet takes a lot of work to master. The questions require some effort in order to answer them. As a result, grows your brain and improves your problem-solving abilities the more you learn and practice it.  Indeed, math questions in JEE can be long, and the options can be confusing as they are pretty close . So it is advised to be careful with your computations and time management. For the same reason, concepts and formulas should be readily available. Know every feasible shortcut additionally.

The following are the important concepts of mathematics in three different sections:
Important conceptsWeightage of Marks No. Questions
Binomial Theorem41
Complex Numbers82
Coordinate Geometry205
Differential & Integral Calculus287
Quadratic Equation41
Permutation & Combination41
Fundamentals of Mathematics41
Vector & 3D123
Sequence & Series41


Firstly, each topic in physics must have distinct notions. It differs from other subjects given that it places a strong emphasis on problem solving. So, begin with simple tasks and work your way up to more challenging ones. Secondly, in Physics, the more you practice the better you score. So, answer questions from various coaching modules. However, all of the theory and problems for JEE level will be included in the JEE study material. Moreover, you can also login to jee.examate and get free mock test.

Important conceptsWeightage of Marks No. Questions
Heat & Thermodynamics164
Modern Physics205
SHM & Waves 41


Since chemistry is divided into three areas, each one takes a different approach. Not to mention , In JEE Advanced, the chemistry subject has the most extensive syllabus. So as to that it is critical in Organic Chemistry (10 topics) to learn all reaction mechanisms and recall all of the identified reactions. So prepare notes as you study each chapter. As far as Physical Chemistry(11 topics) is concerned, simply jot down all of the equations from each chapter in a notebook for quick reference while answering problems, and you’ll be good to go. Finally, the same goes for inorganic chemistry(8 topics). Thus, the JEE Advanced Chemistry syllabus 2022 has a total of 28 topics.

Important conceptsWeightage of Marks No. Questions
Physical Chemistry4010
Inorganic Chemistry369
Organic Chemistry4411

JEE Advance 2022 AAT Syllabus

Firstly, JEE Advanced AAT 2022 curriculum is posted in the official website by Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay. However ,only applicants who have passed JEE Advanced are eligible to take the AAT. Furthermore, the examination will take place in June 2022. Candidates can prepare effectively for the exam and understand the concepts by following the JEE Advanced AAT 2022 curriculum. So, the complete syllabus for the JEE Advanced Architecture Aptitude Test (AAT) is provided below. It covers topics such as geometrical drawing, freehand writing, and architectural awareness.

Geometrical Drawing

  1. Exercises in geometrical drawing such as lines, triangles, angles, quadrilaterals, circles, polygons, etc. 
  2. Then ,study of plan (top view), elevation (front or side views) of simple solid objects like cones, prisms, cylinders, splayed surface holders, cubes, etc. 

Freehand Drawing

  1. The freehand drawing consists of simple drawing depicting the total object in its right form and also proportion.
  2. Additionally, go through Surface texture.
  3. Relative location and also details of its component parts in an appropriate scale.
  4. Common domestic or day-to-day life usable objects such as furniture, equipment, etc., from memory

Architectural Awareness

  1. General interest and also awareness of famous architectural creations.
  2. Both, National and international.
  3. Places and personalities such as architects, designers, etc in the related domain.

Every student who intends to study engineering at one of the IITs wants an exact response to one of the most important questions: how to crack JEE Advanced 2022. Because the competition is fierce, it’s critical to have a well-thought-out approach in order to ace the JEE Advanced exam.

Finally, hope you found this blog informative. To know more about JEE Mains and Advance click on the following links: After all you can take free mock tests here.